5 Success Factors To Follow | How To Be Successful

5 Success Factors To Follow

This article is on How to be successful in life. In this article, I will share 5 Success Factors to Follow to achieve success in your life.

What is True Success?

  • How to lead a Successful Life?
  • Why only a few people are successful and most are not?
  • What is the secret formula to success …???
  • These types of questions are hovering in the minds of millions.

Everyone wants to become successful, gain name and fame. Some people think, if they get a big bank balance, luxurious car & house, they will become successful. I have seen a lot of people who have a big bank balance but broken relationships, Is It Really Success …???

According to successful peoples, true success comes when you achieve success in Health, Wealth, Relation, and Spiritually.

That being said, here are 5 Success Factors you have to follow to be successful in your life.

Before sharing those 5 success factors, I would like to tell you a success story :

A 15 year old boy from New Delhi lost his father . When he reached 25 his mother passed away . His sister remained ill in depression and shock . But that boy worked hard . His hard work and determination made him the king of the bollywood . He is none other then Shahrukh Khan. He says that the only cure to remove sadness is to keep on working.

If you go through the biographies or the success stories of great actors like Tom Cruise or King of pop Michael Jackson you will find that they have achieved prosperity, dignity by overcoming a lot of challenges and struggles in their life.

Everyone has sorrow in their lives. Life puzzles everyone, but most people can’t find a way to overcome their grief. They spend their rest of the life in anxiety, depression, fear, and erase all the upcoming happiness, and there are some people who learn the art of converting sorrow into happiness and make their life prosperous.

Success is not the key to happiness , Happiness is the key to Success

That being said, If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

Without further talk here are the 5 Success Factors to be successful in life.

1. No Excuses :

The first success factor is no excuses. When some students don’t score good marks in their exams they find excuses like, I couldn’t study well due to illness, I have an emergency at home, blah…, blah…, blah…!!!

There was a boy who got a seat at MIT, which is a dream of millions of students all over the world. But he didn’t get admission due to poverty. However, he took admission is a distance course and developed software that was highly appreciated by Microsoft. He got a job from Microsoft with a 2.5 million per annum package and 2% Microsoft share. He could have made many excuses, but he didn’t, He continued his struggle and got success.

Many of us have a number of excuses like I don’t have a good job as my college was not good, my financial condition was not good as my parents are poor. We make excuses to accept failure and stop struggling. So from today stop making excuses and work harder.

2. Fight With Your Fear :

Now the Second success factor is Fight With your fear. The most common fear that we experience is the fear of failure. Fear of failure doesn’t make your process towards your goal. It makes you feel depressed like If I fail what will happen.

If you want to turn your dreams into reality then you have to learn the art of fighting fear. Fear can frustrate you before moving a step forward. It has the capacity to shatter you. You have to overcome your fear. Don’t let your fear stop you.

3. Don’t keep your work for tomorrow :

Now the third success factor is Don’t keep your work for tomorrow. Opportunity does not strike twice. We lose many opportunities in our lives.
We say from tomorrow I will start a new life, From tomorrow I will start exercise, From tomorrow I will study seriously, But tomorrow never comes.

Stay in the present . If you can’t start now then not tomorrow. 

You may take small steps but start now. The Japanese know this secret. They start their daily job and accomplish it at any cost. If you want to learn guitar or play harmonium or want to do anything then start immediately without waiting for tomorrow, who knows tomorrow will come or not. If you start with a single step then you will find the rest of the steps.

4. Always stay hungry to gain knowledge :

Ignite the burning desire to gain knowledge. You don’t need to become a jack of all trades, but you may learn many topics related to your working field.

One of my friend who is a software engineer, he learns German, French, and Chinese. He can speak three languages. You know a software engineering job is how tedious …!!! , Still, he manages to learn. It is a hunger to learn and gain more knowledge.

You may be a golf player but playing football, polo or table tennis can give you joy.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says –

I buy more books than I can finish , I sign up for more online courses then I can complete . From his statement you can know the burning desire of learning .

So to get success, never blow off the spark of learning.

5. Always think big :

Jim Carrey was in a miserable condition in his childhood. He used to work hard to support his family. His condition was against him but his dream was big. He was struggling hard as a comedian. Once he wrote a 5 years post-dated cheque for 10 million dollars. He used to keep it in his wallet. He used to see the cheque every day and get motivated by observing it. Gradually his Hollywood career started. He got a chance in movies and his dream come into reality. After 5 years he got a chance in Dumb and Dumber and got a cheque for 10 million dollars

Conclusion: Success Factors To Follow

You may not get success overnight but if you work hard for your success, follow the above success factors and make it into the habit then definitely you will become a successful person in your life.
So, friends, this is the article on How To Be Successful | 5 Success Factors To Follow. If you like this article then please comment below so that we can know that.


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