15 Tips to Manage Your Time Better – Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips

Time Management | Time can certainly seem like something tangible and like something that is constantly slipping through our fingers, not least of which because we tend to waste so much of it.

Yes, it seems that most of us are perpetually rocked by at least a little bit of guilt over the amount of time we spend scrolling through Netflix or browsing the dankest of memes, or just refreshing Instagram to see how many likes we got on that latest post in the last 30 seconds.

Today in this article I wanted to share with you 15 tips to manage your time better. Since most of our waking hours are spent working towards our goals and achievements. Having a good understanding of this resource(Time) will allow you to master it and accomplish more in less time. And not only this, but it will improve other aspects of our lives as well.

Before digging into this article we must understand that:

Time simply passes. You can’t stop it, change it, or make it bend depending on your wishes. What you actually have to do when managing your time is to actually manage yourself and the way you approach everything you do. That being said, check out this article about life is too short quotes to live without regrets.

Tips to Manage Your Time Better – Time Management Tips

1. Set Goals And Rewards:

The first tip for Time Management is to set Goals and Rewards. Setting your goals is crucial for planning your day. By setting your goals you can create proper targets and you won’t fall off schedule. Before deciding your objectives, you have to look deep inside and ask yourself if you want to achieve those things.

Knowing your ambitions can help you maximize your productivity, help you to see the bigger picture, and help you to do as many things as possible in your 24 hours.

Also after every goal that you achieve, you can reward yourself. These awards can be sweets, food, or short periods of time in which you do nothing, relax or watch a short video.

2. Prioritize Your Tasks:

The second tip to manage your time better is to Prioritize your tasks. Sometimes you can’t do everything or you don’t have enough time to do it. That’s why it’s important to set your priorities right. An effective way to do this is to manage your priorities by dividing them into the following categories:

Important and urgent tasks, that need to be done right away,
Important but not urgent tasks, that appear important you can decide when to do them but not before the first category,
Urgent but not important tasks, that need to be done as soon as possible but when completed they don’t have any lasting value, and
Not Important and not urgent, these tasks are usually leisure activities or things you don’t really need to do, you only want to do.
Doing this will give you you are better to view on your task and which ones need to be dealt with first.

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3. Learn to delegate:

So your goal is to do more in less time, Right? So the third tip is Learn to Delegate. Because you can’t extend time or get more hours in a day.

You can achieve this by either getting more efficient in how you use your time you already have or Delegate your work.

Delegating means letting someone else take the lead on your responsibilities and trusting the outcome is the desired one.

Depending on the type of responsibilities you are dealing with. You can delegate small tasks, like hiring someone to schedule your time during the day or pick up your suit from cleaning, or you can go even bigger and delegate work-related tasks.

This requires a bit of setup on your side and investing time and finding the right person you can trust. But long term it’s worth it.

4. Start With Small Tweaks in your Schedule:

You don’t need to change everything in your life at once. In order to fit a specific time management scheme in there and if you are just beginning to work on this matter it’s also not advisable since you most likely give up easy.

Something small like, waking up 10 minutes earlier every morning, and cut down 20 minutes of the social media mindless scrolling.

You can give yourself a whole 30 minutes per day, to read more of the things you are interested in or practice a skill you have been putting off.

For so long maybe it doesn’t sound like that much but, 30 minutes per day means 2 hours and 10 minutes every week in which you are working on getting better.

5. Set Clear Deadlines:

Now the fifth tip of Time Management is to Set Clear Deadlines.

  • How much time do you have to finish your assignments?
  • When do you need to complete your task?

If you don’t know these things it might be hard for you to keep track of your time. It’s easier to be on time and do everything when it should be done if you set clear deadlines for every chore.

If you choose your time limit on each task it will be easier for you to complete it and keep track of them and also on your time. You can mark your deadlines in your list of assignments, in your organizer, or in your calendar. A calendar can be really useful and important if you are trying to manage your time better.

Whether you use classic paper one or an app, a calendar can help you to know what you have to do who and when.

6. Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time:

Now the Sixth tip to manage your time better is Plan Your meals in advance.

Eating takes up a lot of your time and deciding what to eat takes even more time. Up to 1 hour, a day can be shaved off by scheduling your meals in advance. If you like home-cooked food, allocate 2 to 3 hours every Sunday evening to cook or prepare meals in advance, even writing them down helps.

If you are into take-out, make sure to write down a list with restaurants you are going to order from in advance and try to choose what to eat in advance as well.

One trick to narrow down your options is by having food-themed days.  Like, Mondays for eating fish for example, and Wednesdays for salads. This will take up some time in the beginning as well in order to setup up a whole system. but it’s worth it in the long run.

7. Say No To Multitasking:

The multitasking concept refers to a person dealing with more than one task at the same time.

Despite what you may think, multitasking is not that efficient and it doesn’t save your time. On the contrary, multitasking will make you complete tasks of low quality and will actually slow you down.  You also might miss out on some important details.

When you multitask, your attention is divided between two or more tasks which makes your brain switch fast between them, instead of focusing on just one to complete it as fast and as well as you can.

It takes you a few minutes to switch between assignments and start to concentrate again. Moreover, multitasking can take away your ability to think creatively because it takes up a lot of your temporary brain storage. So be careful when you do it.


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